About Ramy El-Batrawi

Through Ramy El-Batrawi’s equity management companies Genesis Diversified Investment Group, LLC, Diversified Investment Management Group, LLC, Growth Strategy Investments, LLC, IBS Capital Management, LLC, and X, LLC structured many transactions amongst them were:

-In December of 1998 Ramy El-Batrawi acquired Global Leisure Travel, Inc., which was a pioneer in consolidation in the travel industry. GLT’s annual gross sales in 1998 were approximately $220 million. GLT was the parent company of several travel-related companies including Maupintour, a 48-year old escorted tour operator based in Lawrence, Kansas; Sunmakers, a quality “sun” destination independent travel package provider based in Seattle; Jetset Tours, a nationally renowned discount air consolidator; and Regency Pacific, a specialist to Asian destinations. Other companies under the GLT umbrella included Kailani World Travel, Hawaii Leisure and Cruise Alaska Tours. In 2000 Mr. El-Batrawi sold the company in part to Carl Icahn and in part to Travel Buy US.com. Sale of portions of Global Leisure to Carl Icahn November 3, 1999.

-In 2002 Ramy El-Batrawi successfully structured approximately $18 billion in equity and debt financing in connection with a bid for Vivendi Universal. Ramy El-Batrawi successfully put together a consortium of high net worth individuals and private equity firms, which consisted of Marvin Davis, Texas Pacific Group, Apax, Allen & Co, The Carlyle Group, Bain Capital, Blackstone, and others for a total equity of $10 Billion. [March 5, 2003] [November 22, 2002] He also arranged debt financing of $8Billion from JP Morgan, Fleet Bank, and Deutsche Bank.

-In February 2004 Ramy El-Batrawi partnered with the Ron Burkle’s Yucaipa Companies, another Los Angeles-based private equity firm, to acquire the assets and ongoing operations of Piccadilly Cafeterias, Inc. [February 13, 2004] pursuant to Section 363 of the Bankruptcy Code. Piccadilly Cafeterias is one of the largest cafeteria restaurant chains in the United States and is the dominant one in the Southeastern and Mid-Atlantic regions. Founded in 1944, Piccadilly operated 132 cafeterias in 15 states.

-In July 2005 formed Era Aviation Investment Group, LLC to negotiate and win a bid for Era Aviation Inc., who operates the largest regional airline in Alaska. Ramy El-Batrawi was able to raise all the equity and Debt for the acquisition. Era was sold to Frontier Airline. [July 19, 2005]

-In September 2005 Ramy El-Batrawi sourced and finalized the acquisition of Aloha Airlines with The Yucaipa Companies, LLC and formed Aloha Aviation Investment Group, LLC for a substantial equity investment in Aloha Airlines pursuant to a Plan of Reorganization.

-In 2006 Ramy El-Batrawi sourced Neways International. He successfully negotiated a purchase price of $700 Million and was able to get an exclusive on the acquisition. Ramy El-Batrawi was able to structure $350 Million in equity and $350 Million in debt financing. Successfully put together Newbridge and Yucaipa for the equity portion. Arranged the debt through Jefferies and Company. But after the Mowers, the owners of Neways, could not come to an agreement because of their brutal divorce the judge sold the company on the courthouse steps and was bought by Golden Gate Capital. Neways sold to priate equity firm.

-Other transactions that Ramy El-Batrawi structured or acquired included: Mars and Venus Counseling Centers, Inc., Genesis Aviation, Inc., Genesis Aviation II, Inc., Sentient, Inc., Conscious Enlightenment, Phenforum, LLC, Gigbucks, LLC, angrybirdsnow.com

-From the late 90’s to the early 2000’s, El-Batrawi was one of the biggest gamblers in Las Vegas. He was featured in the book Whale Hunt in the Desert under the alias Gus Johnson. [Ramy El-Batrawi as Gus Johnson in the book Whale hunt in the desert]

-Ramy El-Batrawi was featured in many different television episodes on high rollers.

-His personal interest is to motivate people to achieve success.

-Ramy El-Batrawi was interviewed by Monique Guild on June 12, 2008

Since May of 2015 Ramy El-Batrawi is structuring transactions though his private equity management firm X,LLC.